Custom Printed Race Number Service

We offer a full custom printed race number service that are perfect for any type of event. Re- usable custom printed race numbers.

order Process For Printed Race Numbers


Submit Artworks

Submit your swim cap logo/artworks to us for a mock up and production approval.


Approve Mock Ups

Once you have approved the artworks the production can begin, artwork creation 24hrs.


Proceed To Production

Once artworks approved we then Proceed to Production, normal lead time around 3 weeks.

Printed Race Number Info

Tyvek Paper

Long lasting re-usable custom race number paper, perfect for any race day, full colour print option, you choose.


Size: Personalized size Color Customized color Strength Anti-tear, Waterproof Function:

All Sports

Our race numbers are perfect Marathon, Cycling, Running race, or other events.

Suitable for 5ks, triathlons, and cycling events, Running Imp race numbers are water-resistant and tear-resistant. Sold in bulk.

Sold in packs of 100 from 1, 101, 201, etc. Size: 21cm x 15cm with black numbers. Prices include printing above the number only.

In addition to final packing, all of our numbers will be wrapped in paper for FREE.

Custom Race Bib Full Colour Printing Tyvek Paper Running Numbers –

  • Tyvek Paper
  • Anti-tear, Waterproof
  • Marathon, Cycling, Running race, or other competitions 
  • MOQ 100

Need Help or Advice?

FAQs About Custom Printed Race Number 's

If you are looking for advice about custom printed race number for your events, look no further we are hear to help, we have a great printed race number service with a re-usable water prof number service.

A custom printed race number for participants is best. Printed on Either Tyvek or Firstex, this is a re-usable water proff material.

Digitally Printed Economy Tyvek Race Numbers, are re-usable high spec race numbers.

The Digitally Printed Economy Tyvek Race Numbers, the top printed race numbers.

The best Dimensions for a printed race number are 220mm width,150mm height.

mountain bike, BMX, and Cycling events, running and walking events, custom printed numbers can also be used for marathons.

We have a 14 day lead time on custom printed race numbers.

General Race Printed Number Prices

No setup fee, £3.30 per 100 medical details

A set-up fee of £3.30 per 100 is not required for reverse printing

The cost of coloured digits is £3.00 per 100, plus set-up

Digits reversed out – £3.00 per 100, set up not included.


Multiple Tear-Off Tags – £3.00 Per 100, No Setup Charge

Baggage Labels £2.00 Per 100, No Setup Charge

Tyvek numbers can all be recycled in a household recycling bin.

A 100-piece order of colour bands costs £4.30, no setup fees are required

The cost of a full-colour wash is £4.30 per 100 units, no setup fee is required.

Texts/colourful logo/pattern/variable barcode/QR code/serial number.

Medical Forms Added for Free.